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Hey! Thanks for visiting our website. We, King Comfy, are a band from the Washington DC area that plays your favorite Ska, Swing, and Funk tunes with a Punk attitude. Complete with a pressure-tight rhythm section, bawdy horns, and skanky guitar, King Comfy isn't your typical cover band. We cover hits from bands such as The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Reel Big Fish, Fishbone, Smash Mouth, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Cherry Poppin Daddies, Brian Setzer, Tower of Power, Sly and the Family Stone and more. We also aren't above putting our own spin on your favorite Top 40 hits to make them a little cooler. We don't just play music, we put on a show. We don't just do covers, we own them.

We also offer other shows as well, including an Arena Rock tribute with vocal phenom Michael Perry, a 3 piece Alternative rock show, a classic Punk tribute, and a blast of an acoustic show.  

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